Clyde Tombaugh: 1906-1997

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Tiny distant Pluto, only a faint but moving object in Clyde Tombaugh's photographic plates, remains today perhaps the most mysterious of the nine planets in our solar system. The only planet not yet visited by spacecraft, our knowledge of this world is limited to data obtained from Earth-based telescopes and now the Hubble Space Telescope. While Pluto may be smallest planet in the solar system, it is certainly one of the most interesting and intriguing worlds.

General Information

Pluto image from Hubble
The Nine Planets: Pluto
Information and images about Pluto from Bill Arnett's The Nine Planets Web site.
Views of the Solar System: Pluto
An additional resource for images and information about Pluto, from the Views of the Solar System Web site.
Pluto Home Page
Detailed information and a chronology of the discovery and studies of Pluto, from the University of Colorado.
The Planetary Society: Pluto
A brief introduction to Pluto on the Planetary Society's Web site.
Welcome to the Planets: Pluto
A brief introduction to Pluto as part of JPL's "Welcome to the Planets" Web site.
Cambridge University Leaflet about Pluto
Some background about Pluto from the Astronomy Department at Cambridge University.
A Pluto Tour
A tour of Pluto designed by Eliot Young at NASA Ames and a group of students at a local school.
A Brief Tour of the Universe: Pluto
A quick stop at Pluto as part of a larger exploration of the universe.

Pluto Observations

Hubble Space Telescope Observations of Pluto
A press release and images from March 1996 regarding observations of Pluto using the Hubble Space Telescope. The investigators, Alan Stern and Marc Buie, found widely-varying patterns of bright and dark areas on the planet.
Live from the HST
As part of an educational outreach program last year, students analyzed images of Pluto taken with the Hubble Space Telescope.
Marc Buie, Lowell Observatory
This Lowell Observatory astronomer shares some of his research and thoughts about Pluto.

The Discovery of Pluto

The Struggles to Find the Ninth Planet
Clyde Tombaugh himself describes the search for Pluto.
The Discovery of Pluto
This well-designed site chronicles Clyde Tombaugh's work in the discovery of Pluto.
Commentary: Clyde Tombaugh's Blinking Persistence
An article from JPL's Pluto Express Web site about how Tombaugh discovered Pluto.
Lowell Observatory Observation Circular
A 157 Kb JPEG image of the announcement by Lowell Observatory of Pluto's discovery. This copy includes Clyde Tombaugh's signature at the bottom.

Exploring Pluto

Pluto Express
JPL's excellent Web site on a proposed robotic mission to fly by the planet and return high-resolution images and other data about the planet.
Pluto Express Science
A committee report on the key scientitfic questions about Pluto and which questions Pluto Express will be able to answer.
Alan Stern: Hot Science on a Cryogenic World
Planetary scientist Alan Stern discusses Pluto, including how and why we want to study it, in an article adapted from The Planetary Report.

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