Our Story

KLX Inc. provides mission-critical products and complex logistical solutions for customers who have high value assets in the aerospace and energy services markets. Throughout our legacy of growth, we've kept our commitment to dependable, high quality, just-in-time support for our customers because we understand that downtime comes at a high cost.

Over that time, we've evolved in order to respond to the needs of our stakeholders and to the tremendous growth and potential of our own company. Our latest evolution - the strategic spin-off of KLX from our founding company, B/E Aerospace - is yet another course we're charting to carry out our mission of excellence and to foster new possibilities for our customers, shareholders, and employees. As a separate entity, KLX is able to focus with even greater precision on our areas of specialty - distribution, logistics, and technical services - through our two business segments: KLX Aerospace Solutions and KLX Energy Services.

Our KLX Aerospace Solutions segment is the world's leading distributor and value-added service provider of aerospace fasteners and consumables. Here, we offer the broadest range of aerospace hardware and consumables and inventory management services worldwide for the commercial, business jet, and military markets. Our KLX Energy Services segment provides high-quality oilfield services and associated rental equipment for North America's oil and gas industry.


The KLX logo is a visual manifestation of our mission and purpose. Stronger when performing together, the multiple pieces align to form a singular entity. Like the "X" in our name, our two businesses intersect at the heart of what we do - we bring the best people and solutions together to meet and exceed the needs of those whom we serve.

This is the essence behind the KLX mission: to provide expert solutions propelled by passion and experience for continued momentum, both yours and ours.