Plug and Perf Solutions

Optimized Plug and Perf Operations

Accelerate time-to-production with advanced plug-and-perf support that includes turnkey engineering of the completion string, specification of all system components, provision of quality tools and hands-on performance of all plug-and-perf activities.

Introducing The KLX Dissolvable Frac Plug

Want to be better prepared for long-lateral horizontal wellbores? We've got you covered. KLX Energy Services' latest downhole innovation is a high-performance dissolvable that allows for more reach than ever—without the need for rigging up and milling out. Our new dissolvable isolates effectively, and engages in wellbore temperatures between 80 and 275.

Want to learn more? Check out this spec sheet.

Comprehensive Hardware

KLX Energy Services provides all of the hardware needed for an optimized plug-and-perf operation. From basic completion essentials to innovative ways to streamline the job, this includes:

  • All packers, plugs, perforating guns, sleeves, thru-tubing tools, downhole valves, fluids, etc.
  • Specialized wireline units and pressure control equipment engineered to optimize plug-and-perf projects
  • Everything needed to deploy tools via electric line and slickline, including state-of-the-art surface units
  • All permanent and temporary downhole tools needed for a successful wireline run
  • Advanced millout tools available only to KLX Energy Services customers that help get you to production fast
Flawless Execution

The right tools are only part of the equation. True optimization takes advanced engineers and technicians who've seen it all and can provide immediate value through:

  • Collaborative engineering support that includes working with you to help finish out design of the completion string
  • Project planning and management that ensures your completion is always flawless in the field
  • Skilled wireline specialists, expert in setting and running wireline operations of all kinds
  • Technicians who can run and deploy any kind of mechanical or perforating tool (perforating guns, casing collar locators, plugs, setting tools)
  • Support not only completing efficiently but also protecting well integrity and maximizing future production potential along the way